Chord Systems 40th Anniversary Edition


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160 pages of chord knowledge with new text, large diagrams, and everything from rock to advanced jazz for chords. Download Book Preview→

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Back in print, this legendary guitar book is better than ever.

Now available at a Special Price ($21.95) for a limited time.

Chord Systems – Sound and Structure reveals how the physical location, musical sound, and harmonic structure are all inter-related. This architecture will show you how all the chords you’ll ever play fit together consistently and predictably. It will “connect the dots” for the last time for chord study.

The book can be used as a method (beginner to advanced) or grab your topic:

  • Large Chord References
  • Rock Chords and Licks
  • Jazz Chords
  • Comping
  • Systematic Inversions
  • Chord Scales
  • Chord Streams
  • Chords and Melodies
  • Walking Bass
  • Triads and Triad Fills and Licks
  • Crystal Clear Chord Substitution

Chord Systems shows how chord fingerings relate to musical styles and every topic has both and explanation and musical examples.

And there’s more:

  • Chords are shown by location, chord family, chord type, and right hand technique
  • Built-in ear training
  • No note reading required. All chords are shown using standard chord boxes
  • Teach yourself, or work with a teacher or class instruction.

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