The Story of Styles for the Studio


1976 Version

40 years ago a Studio City guitarist sat down to try and organize all the miscellaneous improvising ideas and licks he’d learned playing. He wanted to simplify modern improvising to eliminate the ambiguity and confusion and get straight to what a player could use. Styles for the Studio was born and the book sold world-wide for more than 35 years before going out of print. Old copies of the book started fetching high prices on eBay, and people kept writing the author looking for it.

Now, the book (and others) have been acquired by the author (through the generous cooperation of the great folks at Alfred Publishing).

Styles for the Studio, 40th Anniversary Edition has been completely updated and reissued. The book, while maintaining the original look and feel has been reorganized, edited, and updated with the digital age quality now available. New typeset, enlarged diagrams, and improved labels and artwork are used to deliver the original content more clearly.

40th Anniversary Edition

40th Anniversary Edition

The special 40th Anniversary Edition of Styles for the Studio is available now!

This New Edition Consists of:

  • The 88-Page Book which is shipped directly to you
  • Digital Package: Backing Tracks and Videos, Volume 1 available separately (and immediately downloadable) including:
    • Over 100 audio backing tracks for the book’s examples
    • 12 concise videos to illustrate various techniques and ideas
  • Periodic Updates