What players have said about Styles for the Studio:

“My father gave me this book when I was 17. He was very fond of it and to him it was quite a treasure. I learned so much from it, and loved the book. It was a true treasure for me as well.”
– JA, San Clemente, CA

“I would love to obtain another copy of this great masterpiece. Are any copies available? Mine went missing some 20+ years ago.”
– FG, Nashville, TN

“I never thought I would find the person that wrote “Styles for the Studio”. I have two copies in case I lose one. All your books are as important today as they were when you wrote them originally.”
– BD, Seattle, WA

“I asked an unbelievable lead guitarist I knew in the late 80’s, what his secret was (he was from Philly), and Leon White was his answer. Of course that started me on a search, without the Internet I might add. If you google your books you will see there are still people recommending and searching for them.”
– AW, New York, NY

“Styles for the Studio changed my guitar life years ago. Nobody has ever explained this stuff the way Leon White does. It just makes perfect sense. Highly recommended for serious players.”
– MR, Los Angeles, CA

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