NOW AVAILABLE: Private Lessons with Leon White


Ted Greene Material
All 4 books
Over 1400 pages from

If you’re trying to “crack the code” on Chord Chemistry, or find your way through all the Ted Material on the Official Archive site,, Leon is the player you want on your side.

Leon can:

  • Guide you to the answers you’re looking for,
  • Find the areas you want to explore,
  • Clarify the explanations, and
  • Show you what it all means

Work on Ted’s Books, Teaching Pages, Arrangements, Videos, Lessons and References.

Get concise and useful answers and gain insights into the most influential guitarist of our age.


Improvising & Soloing
Chords Studies
Notation and Music Reading

Leon can work with you individually to answer all the questions you have. You’ll get his unique FRAMEWORK to:

  • Clear up uncertainty,
  • Reveal all the connections, and
  • Give you the vision of how to work on your music.

Get the essentials:

  • Explained clearly,
  • Using lots of musical examples
  • In short manageable “bites.”

All styles, all levels.

Leon White has over 25 books to his credit and decades of working, writing and teaching in the guitar world. If you’re familiar with his work, and want to know more, check out the lesson options below.

You can sign up now, or even better, contact Leon and arrange a free preliminary discussion to assess your needs and develop a learning plan.