Here’s what you will learn with Styles for the Studio, 40th Anniversary Edition:

40th Anniversary Edition

40th Anniversary Edition

  • How to improvise over contemporary musical styles using scales and arpeggios
    • Pop Sounds (♮3 and ♮7 notes)
    • Major Blues Sounds ♮3 and ♭7 notes)
    • Minor Blues Sounds (♭3, ♮3, ♯4, ♭7 notes)
    • Country Sounds (♮6, ♮9/sus2, ♭7 notes)
  • Where particular sounds are found and why they sound good in various musical settings
  • How to decide which scales or arpeggios to use over a chord progression
  • How to learn with “position playing” and then forget about it
  • When to think about “modes” and when to think from the root of a chord – making it simple, not complex
  • All about the details of string bending and how to play harmonized (two note) scales and licks
  • The importance of sustain and staccato notes
  • The importance of ‘attack’ and control of volume in your solos
  • How to use triplets to change the feel of a solo
  • How you learn to improvise
  • How to practice improvising in the way best for you
  • All the improvising sounds shown across the entire fingerboard
  • Techniques included for building melodies and licks (melodic patterns and sequences) with all scales
  • Basic harmony that can stop the worries and not confuse you
  • How everything can be transposed
  • A “stepped” method based on music that lets you focus on a few sounds at a time, while building on the previous lessons

Enjoy your playing more, work at it less and…

  • Stop Guessing – Know where everything is
  • Stop Worrying – Know why sounds work in solos
  • Stop Hesitating – Play freely from the sounds you hear
  • Forget Fingerings – Play fluidly with the sounds all internalized
  • Accelerate Learning – Know what every lick in every “lick book” is showing you, and where it belongs
  • Leverage Your Knowledge – Link these fingerings to chords, and for music reading as well
  • Play Confidently – Play what you want, when you want

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