Lessons and Coaching with Leon White: One Hour Skype Session


Author Leon White is available for traditional teaching or professional coaching via Skype. You can purchase as many advance 30-40 minute sessions as you like.


Styles for the Studio author Leon White is available for traditional teaching or professional coaching via Skype.

NOTE: One-time sessions are also welcome.

Teaching focuses on:

  • Sharing knowledge with you
  • Transferring new knowledge to you.

Coaching can help you:

  • Develop your capabilities
  • Enhance your skills, and
  • Improve your performance

Both options are available separately or in combination.

A standard “lesson” format is available if that suits you, or simply when you feel you need to. Leon typically works with players who have at least been playing barre chords for a while, and want to know more about:

  • Chords: Comping, inversions etc. Pick style, pick and fingers, or fingerstyle
  • Improvising: Scales, arpeggios, rock and jazz scale sounds
  • Harmony and Theory: Scale and chord spellings, applied usage of scales and chords in progressions, substitutions, improvisation and such
  • Reading Notation: Everything from basic notation and symbols to sight reading
  • Ted Greene Material: Many players are trying to find a way through his work. I can help.
  • Songs: If you have something specific, or perhaps for school or performance, we can do it.

Most of the time, all the materials are supplied including audio, video, and print. For certain songs, you may be asked to obtain a copy if it makes sense.

To get started, it’s usually helpful to contact us first to determine your interests, level, logistics, etc. However, you may certainly go ahead and purchase your lesson/coaching sessions now and we will contact you ASAP to move things forward.

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