I’ve been a guitar-aholic over the years, owning a lot of different wonderful guitars. Most often I play a semi-hollow body two pickup electric like a Gibson 335. I’ve been lucky enough to own some great vintage guitars (’66 335s, ’53 tele, ES-5, ’57 Les Paul Black Beauty, etc) but they’ve all found homes elsewhere. I play the custom semi-hollow body, a Martin D-18s, and a Fender Tele made in Mexico (the best Fender I’ve ever owned).

I use a little compression sometimes, a Princeton Reverb with an extension cabinet, and an old Rivera power attenuator.  With the acoustic I use a buffer amplifier in front or at the end of the signal chain. Nothing fancy. String Guages are 11-49 for electric, light gauge bronze for acoustic. (I played 10-46 for a long time on 335s, but I’m liking the sound of the 11s.) What do I want for Christmas? A ’57-’60 Gibson L-7 cutaway acoustic.