Start at the beginning and work from the front to the back. The basic idea is that you learn various sounds and where they are on the guitar. To introduce the sounds we use popular scales. For each set of sounds (scale, mode, arpeggio) you’ll learn the following:

  • The sound of the notes  (SOUND)
  • The spelling of the scale (HARMONY)
  • The fingerings for these sounds in the 7 fingerings that cover the entire fingerboard. (FINGERINGS)
  • Various techniques needed to play the sounds (various versions of the ‘roll’ and double stop, for example) (TECHNIQUES)

So, you work through each lesson learning a new fingering, the sound of the notes, and then practicing making melodies, playing licks, and hearing those sounds over backing tracks with techniques you’re acquiring.

On a routine basis you’ll

  • Learn a scale and its spelling. We’ll talk about the sounds to listen for.
  • You’ll play the scale over backing tracks for the progressions in the book.
  • You’ll noodle around and experiment with songs you know and/or video’s you’ve seen
  • You’ll experiment with the various techniques you know, and ones we’ve shown you.
  • Then you’ll move on to the next set of sounds and repeat the process.