How do I use the book?

Start at the beginning and work from the front to the back. The basic idea is that you learn various sounds and where they are on the guitar. To introduce the sounds we use popular scales. For each set of sounds (scale, mode, arpeggio) you’ll learn the following: The sound of the notes  (SOUND) The [...]

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Which sounds are covered in the book?

Each scale introduces a new sound to your major scale foundation. Various notes are added to your vocabulary, but always in the context of the basic fingerings. The Major Scale – the small interval sounds (half step and whole step) Emphasis on the natural 3 and natural 7 (E and B in the C major [...]

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What kind of guitar can I use?

Any guitar should be ok if it has reasonable action and is in tune as you play up the neck. You can use steel string acoustic, electrics or nylon string guitars. For string bends and harmonized scales your guitar can help you if it is set up well, intonated, and the strings are not too [...]

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What are the backing tracks like?

The tracks are MP3 audio tracks. There is a track for each of the progression examples found in the book. You can see the progression in the book, and hear it on the matching track. There are also some bonus tracks. In addition, some book examples have the chord progression played on several different backing [...]

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What are the videos about?

Several videos are explanatory, talking and showing scales, fingerings and so on with graphics or screen animation. Each video is short. That is, none of them are rambling explanations of harmony, pop culture, or history. (Those are all ok, but not here.) Several videos are to illustrate left hand or right hand fingering techniques in [...]

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