You’ve asked for it. You’ve waited for it. Now it’s back and even better!

Thousands of players around the world have discovered and benefited from the original Styles for the Studio, first published in 1976. For years, you could only find used copies of this legendary book on eBay or Amazon for $50, $100 and much more. Now there’s good news! The new Styles for the Studio, 40th Anniversary Edition is finally available — and it’s even better!

The new Styles for the Studio, 40th Anniversary Edition includes:

40th Anniversary Edition

40th Anniversary Edition

  • The Book: 88 packed pages (shipped direct to you)
  • Backing Tracks and Videos, Volume 1 (included at no additional cost)
    • Over 100 NEW backing tracks for the book’s examples (immediate download)
    • 12 concise videos to illustrate various techniques and ideas (immediate download)
  • Sample chord progressions with scale analysis
  • All the sounds of Rock, Blues, Country and Pop
    • Major Scales
    • Minor Pentatonic Scales
    • Major Pentatonic Scales
    • Blues Scale
    • Mixolydian mode (scale)
    • Dorian mode (scale)
  • And much more here→

Enjoy your playing more, work at it less and…

  • STOP GUESSING – Know where everything is
  • STOP WORRYING – Know why sounds work in solos
  • STOP HESITATING – Play freely from the sounds you hear
  • FORGET FINGERINGS – Play fluidly with the sounds all internalized
  • ACCELERATE LEARNING – Know what every lick in every “lick book” is showing you, and where it belongs
  • LEVERAGE YOUR KNOWLEDGE – Link these fingerings to chords, and for music reading as well
  • PLAY CONFIDENTLY – Play what you want, when you want

Find out what you’ll learn in this new edition here →

Styles for the Studio, 40th Anniversary Edition has been completely updated and reissued. While maintaining the original look and feel, the book has been reorganized, edited, and updated with the digital age quality now available. New typeset, enlarged diagrams, and improved labels and artwork are used to deliver the original content more clearly. On top of that, we’ve added over 100 new backing tracks and videos that you can download immediately upon purchase.

Want to see more? Get a Taste of Styles. Download a preview of the book and listen to sample backing tracks to experience the depth and quality of this legendary guitar book — now with so much more!